natalia vodianova untouched photo.jpgIt is rare to see a model who hasn't been airbrushed in some way or another, but not this time. Natalia Vodianova, Raquel Zimmerman and Edie Campbell are among a group of models who appear in a series of black and white photographs which have been left completely untouched.

The images have been released to help launch Viva Model Agency in London. Each model had their portrait taken by Scott Trindle at his Dalston flat without any make-up, hair or styling.

"I suppose there is a level of irony having supermodels like Natalia and Raquel traipse through a £5 carwash and a cloud of Angel's barbecued jerk fumes, and I can't deny buying some flowers on the odd occasion to lighten the setting," Trindle said. "Even after three flights of stairs everyone was really receptive, and I think on the odd occasion welcomed the break from a hectic schedule of go-sees."

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