olivier_theyskens_departure.jpgWhoops someone nearly let the cat out of the bag. And that someone was Olivier Theyskens! While attending the Tribeca Film Festival last week, the Nina Ricci designer admitted that he knew who had created Kate's wedding gown.

After being asked by Stylelite who he would like to see design the dress, Theyskens replied: "I - nobody knows?" To which the Stylelite reporter responded that this was true. Suddenly Theyskens admitted "oh my god, I know who does it."

"I will never say!" he declared, claiming it was a closely guarded secret. "I was honking everyone knew. I was going to say 'I can't wait to see the dress ____ is making!"

So is Theyskens really in on the big secret? And if so what does this say about who is involved? Someone who is in his close circle perhaps? The mind boggles...