lauren conrad beauty department website teaser.jpg

I know this news is bound to make the ladies over at Kiss and Makeup weak at the knees. Lauren Conrad isn't letting one failed reality series stop her in her tracks. Nope, instead she is taking an entirely new step forward, this time into the world of beauty by launching a new website.

Named The Beauty Department, Lauren is launching the site with her make-up artist, Amy Nadine and hair stylist, Kristin Ess (the lady responsible for Conrad's famous hair extensions).

She tells Allure magazine's Facebook page: "the site will offer beauty tips - how to do the hottest runway tricks, how to wear purple eyeliner, how to do beach curls." Including video tutorials featuring the former Hills star.

But she won't be stopping there. She also plans to eventually roll out a cosmetics and hair line. With so many girls out there lusting after Conrad's hair and makeup this may prove to be her most successful venture yet.