Anna Wintour wearing jeans.jpgWhile we remain bowled over by the sight of Anna Wintour in jeans (yep, jeans!), our attentions have quickly turned to a new TV documentary about the American Vogue editrix.

Wintour is the subject of an episode in Bloomberg's Game Changes series. Although she didn't participate directly in the show, many of her fellow industry peeps happily appeared to talk about her. These included Vera Wang, one of her first assistants Laurie Schechter, former Vogue publisher Tom Florio, and Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend.

Despite not featuring in the programme, there were still quite a few interesting titbits to take away such as she dropped out of high school. She was also fired from her first job at a US magazine (Harper's Bazaar) for what she later claimed as being "too European."

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