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For most of us wearing an unflattering, uncomfortable uniform was just one of the many unfortunate rites of passage during our youth. So imagine having to don a school uniform twice! Emma Watson has given an interview to Remix magazine in which she describes what attracted her to working with Burberry, and why the clothing was much more preferable than her Harry Potter wardrobe.

"Clothing and costumes are a way of becoming someone completely different. I guess that's what attracted me to the Burberry campaign so much - just being able to express myself in a different way. Also, I had a great time doing it because I love clothes and fashion. And they were certainly much nicer than the awful woolly jumpers and tartan skirts I had to wear in Harry Potter, which made me look very plain and boring!"

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On being a fashion icon... "It may sound crazy, but it never really occurred to me that people would care about what I was wearing. It really didn't. It only hit home with the last film, but now I'm increasingly aware that people really care about what I put on my body. Although I find that a little strange, it's made me realise that when I'm in the public eye it's important how I dress because that's how I'm presenting myself to the world."

On why she cut her hair off... "I'd spent more than half my life being somebody else - with their hairstyle - and I wanted to be Emma and have my hair the way I wanted it. I didn't realise it, at the time, but it was actually incredibly symbolic having all this hair cut off that people so identified with Hermione. It felt great - it was very liberating - like I was shedding that old skin and starting a fresh, new chapter."

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