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It has no doubt been a tumultuous time at the house of Christian Dior. Since the racist scandal involving John Galliano broke, the label has been rocked from its foundations. Without a head designer present to support the house, it was an unprecedented event which took place yesterday afternoon in Paris. However, as the saying goes "the show must go on," and it did, but not without first a powerful speech by Sidney Toledano, president of Dior (watch a video after the jump below).

"It has been deeply painful to see the Dior name associated with the disgraceful statements attributed to its designer. However brilliant he may be," he said, before adding, "all these skilled workers who preserve day after day, never counting the hours, the value and vision of Monsieur Christian Dior, these skilled workers today have broken hearts. What you are about to see now is the results of their immense work."

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Above, a speech by Sidney Toledano, president of Dior, prior to show.

The collection comprised of 62 models, and dug into the archives of Dior's previous seasons. This included old glam femininity, frilly bloomers, floaty lingerie styles, sportswear, fur collars and coats, and long capes. The show closed with 30 members of Dior taking to the stage in white coats. Although it was noted by some that Galliano's own design team refrained from appearing, in a show of solidarity for him. Watch highlights from the show below.