marc jacobs intern twitter rant.jpgMarc Jacobs has been on the look-out for a someone to take over the label's Twitter account which has, up until now, been left in the hands of CEO Robert Duffy. Things took a strange turn last Friday when an intern, who is believed to have been temporarily managing the account, went on a tirade with a series of rants regarding Duffy, even labelling him a "tyrant."

The tweets have since been deleted, however the The Daily Truffle managed to capture them before they were wiped. Here's some of the rant...

"You guys and gals have no idea how difficult Robert is. I am only an intern. My last day is tomorrow. I wouldn't be tweeting this if not!"
"I was asked to do this until we found a replacement... I hate this job. Hope they find someone soon. Robert is so picky! We have presented him with 50 people. He's not happy."
Good luck! I pray for you all. If you get the job! I'm out of here. See ya! Son't [sic] want to be ya! Roberts a tyrant! Seriously! He is tough!

Eep, talk about awkward! Not long after the tweets were erased, two further tweets appeared saying 'All is well here at MJ. Twitter is a crazy place. Protect your passwords' followed by 'Things are crazy in the twittersphere. Never let your phone too far out of sight.' Perhaps a new social media coordinator is just what Marc Jacobs needs.

In the meantime, one person who we won't see tweeting any time soon is Kate Moss. The supermodel has taken to a new website called ICorrect, which allows celebrities to correct any misinformation that has been published about them.

"Don't try connecting to me on Facebook or follow tweets from Kate Moss, the real Kate Moss doesn't use these social networking sites. I correct all of the imposter profiles pretending to be me and the xx twits tweeting under my name," she wrote. And she's not the only one - Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Sienna Miller, and Dasha Zhukova have also joined the site to correct false infomation.