christophe decarnin black and white image portrait.jpgLordy, things seem to be getting stranger and stranger in Paris. The latest update on the Galliano saga is that the show for his eponymous label has been downsized. While his scheduled Sunday catwalk show has been scrapped, it will be scaled down to a presentation for buyers and press, a source claims.

Meanwhile rumours as to why Christophe Decarnin was absent from the Balmain show yesterday are swirling. A spokesperson for the designer said "He's tired after working on the collection. He's not here. He's resting." However, several media outlets are reporting Decarnin is in a mental hospital, where he has been since January.

According to Hint, the designer is said to have disappeared one day mid-January and staff at Balmain were told he wouldn't be returning.

Meanwhile, WWD is reporting that Decarnin "was absent [from the show] under doctor's orders, after having recently been released from the hospital, where he was said to have been treated for depression". Despite this, a Balmain spokesperson confirmed he was still involved in the design of the A/W '11 collection, contrary to speculation that he wasn't at all.

[Image via Interview]