Thumbnail image for elizabeth-taylor.jpgWe were very sorry to hear the news of Elizabeth Taylor's death earlier today; an event that marks the end of an era when celebrities had a certain glamour and style that's all but disappeared in today's stars.

A true Hollywood legend, she was as much a fashion icon as she was a star of the screen, and we'll miss her bold, beautiful and unashamedly brash approach to style. We'll never forget her stunning portrayal of Cleopatra in her gorgeous head-dresses and flowing robes, her daring dress-sense that only became more flamboyant as she aged, or - of course - her seven husbands. 

The non-stop soap-opera and glitz of Taylor's life made her a muse to many fashion designers and celebrities including Galliano for Dior, Jenny Packham, Amy Winehouse and many more besides. Taylor had a passion for jewellery, and once owned a pearl that had previously belonged to Queen Mary I of England.

Having battled with serious illnesses including pneumonia, chronic back pain and a string of addictions since the early 1960s, Taylor seems to have been on the brink of death for much of her eventful life, so it's remarkable in many ways that she made it to 79. Here's to remembering an extraordinary life!

[Image: GETTY]