anna dello russo interview CNN screen grab.jpgWe already had a major crush on Anna Dello Russo, but after watching this interview with her for CNN we have developed a full-blown love affair for her. The Vogue Nippon editor invited Myleene Klass inside her wardrobe as she stayed at The Ritz for Paris Fashion Week.

Explaining why she enjoys injecting a bit of fun back into fashion, Anna offers her honest opinion on why everyone tends to stick to black when attending fashion shows. "They are depressed, to me. I don't like black when it's really conformist. Why would people look at me if I'm wearing a black coat?"

As well as gushing over Dolce & Gabbana and Lady Gaga, she also reveals she has two apartments in Milan - one for her and one for her many clothes and 4,000 shoe collection. "Sometimes I look like a Christmas tree... that is okay. Because I'm totally crazy, I mean, I'm a total fashion victim."

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