From Kiss and Makeup's Andrea Thatcher... One of the most oft-tweeted beauty questions from the Oscars wasn't how to get the red lipstick look on the red carpet or why didn't Penelope Cruz do her hair? It was "how the heck is Anne Hathaway managing these hair changes?" By my count, each of Anne's eight costume changes throughout the evening came with their own hairstyle. Sometimes it was just brushing waves into a smoother style, sure, but what about that intricately braided bun?

Okay, well, I do have my own ideas that the pony tail she was wearing previously was simply stuffed up into a braided hairpiece, but it was still impressive. While I love when Anne looks like a princess - the grey custom Vivienne Westwood with killer jewels and the aforementioned updo - I really think my favourite hair look of the evening was her posh, perky pony while wearing a custom Lanvin tux. The cute and playful 'do matched her "aren't I so charming?" shtick of the evening. Here is a collection of all of her looks.

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anne hathaway oscar 2011 hairstyle.jpg

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