clare waight keller pringle portrait shot.jpgAfter five years, Clare Waight Keller has stepped down as creative director of Pringle of Scotland.

She offered no reason for her departure, but in a letter written to fashion editors, Clare said: "It's a sad moment - but the perfect time to close my era at Pringle. I leave incredibly proud of Pringle's growth from a Scottish knitwear company to an international luxury brand. And to a certain extent, this move is for personal reasons."

Pregnant with her third child, Clare is due to give birth in May. Her successor at the label is yet to be announced.

"Clare's unique understanding of knitwear and design talent allowed her to modernize the image of Pringle, while remaining true to its heritage," said Douglas Fang, a member of the family that owns Pringle. "Clare will be greatly missed."