Anna Wintour April 2011 WSJ cover.jpg

Magazines come and magazines go, but this April '11 issue of the Wall Street Journal is definitely a keeper. Starring a profile photo of Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of offers a strong and bold image of the woman behind American Vogue.

In a way it is an entirely appropriate angle for Wintour, whom for many is seen as a powerful-yet-somewhat-mysterious identity. Accompanied by a story titled "The Business of Being Anna," WSJ's Deborah Needleman examines the unprecedented influence Wintour has had on consumer culture.

"You have to wonder, how does one person have such a broad influence? She's basically a global brand," she writes.

Another point is her ability to create a holiday via her Fashion's Night Out event. "She basically created a holiday from scratch," Needleman explains. "Who else has the power to take New York and create a holiday?"