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So as we all know Fashion Week is a week of excess and extremes. From too many miles in heels to living off a diet of canapés and champagne, it's a tough life, but someone has to do it. Right?

It started off with the desire to keep a tally of exactly how many miles I did walk in heels, but as I set off, pedometer strapped to my uber fashwan waist belt, my geeky obsession for stats got the better of me. Before I knew it I found myself making a note of everything I could think of Fashion Week related.

If you're a closet number nerd like me I'm sure you'll appreciate the figures below:

  • 19.74 miles walked in heels
  • 3 packets of blister plasters
  • 14 glasses or 2.1 litres of champagne consumed
  • 8 outfit changes
  • 8 hours in front of the mirror getting ready
  • 48 air kisses with fashionistas
  • 18 Vitamin Waters
  • 100s of very teeny fashion canapés eaten (to be honest I lost count as 3 would constitute a mouthful)
  • 19 miniature yappy dogs spotted (8 of these were Radley's very cute Scottie dogs)
  • Over £250s worth of free beauty products acquired in goodie bags (not that I'm complaining, but seriously how many lip balms and hair sprays does a girl need?)
  • 62 shows attended by Team Catwalk Queen.
  • 2 members of the editorial staff down with Fashion Flu
  • 3 days to recover.