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We edged carefully into the cramped backstage of Ashley Ishams Autumn Winter 2011 show to grab a slice of behind the scenes action. In contrast to the hectic panic of the surrounds, the hair (GHD) and makeup (Maybelline) had a serene, ethereal and natural feel. Models were being asked to apply their own mascara whilst a stark dark green shade was carefully painted on model's lips. Hair was the definition of simplicity with invisible ponytails and we soon learnt why. Intricate and extravagant oriental style floral head dresses were carefully placed on each models head.

As the first looks were being put together we snuck out of the overcrowded room to find our seats for the show. The first set of models emerged in rich velvets of turquoise blue and forest green covered in deep floral prints. We then saw a succession of red carpet worthy romantic draped silhouettes stream down the runway. A darker collection of further dresses arrived in gun metal grey which had the movement of liquid silver.
A designer renowned for his dress design, we didn't really see anything we hadn't seen from him before, but there's no doubt about it, if it's red carpet glamour you're looking for, Ashley Isham is the designer for you.

London Fashion Week LIVE! Watch the runway as it happens at OSOYOU.COM

Check out our backstage snaps below.

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London Fashion Week LIVE! Watch the runway as it happens at OSOYOU.COM