Okay okay, so even us fashion editors can get it wrong sometimes!

I couldn't resist putting this post up. That's me on the right in the first photo, wearing the leopard print panelled H&M leggings, next to Siam Goorwich of Not Just Another Fashion Blog wearing the same aforementioned leggings AND a bowler hat!
On Saturday, milling around in the BFC tent at London Fashion Week after the Betty Jackson show, my editorial assistant and photographer both took great delight in telling me that they'd just spotted a girl heading my way wearing near enough the exact same outfit.

In these situations you have two options; run away and dash to Topshop on the Strand and grab another pair of leggings (equally likely to be spotted on at least two others before the day is out) or embrace the faux pas and get your photo taken together. As you can see Siam and I chose the latter.

What are the chances eigh? Well clearly quite high as they are great leggings and at under a tenner I'm surprised I haven't spied even more.

Now on to how to wear H&M to London Fashion Week correctly. Waiting for the Betty Jackson show to begin I had a brief chat with the lovely Jameela Jamil who was sporting a beautiful pair of polka dot Miu Miu lookalike shoes. 'They're H&M' she whispered to me, 'don't tell anyone, they all think they're Miu Miu! You should go and buy them now, such a bargain and so comfortable'.