Forget Westwood, Kane or Burberry, for me, my London Fashion Week highlight was New Gen designer Holly Fulton's Autumn/Winter 2011 show. Without a doubt my favourite collection of the season, Holly's show had it all - colour, prints, luxurious fabrics and of course embellishment.

Chatting to Holly at her intimate after party in the Viajante barat the Town Hall Apartments Bethnal Green, she told me she'd stuck every single Swarovski crystal onto each dress herself! Let's put this into perspective - there were hundreds, if not thousands of crystals on many of the dresses. So by my rough estimations (and forgive me as maths was never my strong point) that makes over ten thousand Swarovski crystals all stuck on by Holly's fair hand.

The designer's meticulous attention to detail was obvious in every piece that walked the runway. More than just prints, pieces were illustrated with intricate art deco style city scapes and big red lips. Hand woven tweed skirts and jackets were trimmed with yet more crystals and embellished silk shift dresses were given Mongolian fur trims and velvet inserts. Arousing the magpie in me, each look was accessorised with stunning chunky jewellery - all designed and made by Holly too.

Sipping a 'Holly Fulton' cocktail, she admitted to me later on that she hadn't slept for 48 hours, making the final touches to the collection at 4.30am and heading to the BFC show space at 6am to start prepping the models. I have to say her exhaustion didn't show in her face or the collection. Walking away from the show I already had my shopping list - a Fulton pale blue silk printed maxi dress, an embellished cuff bracelet and a sewing machine. I know the latter wasn't seen at the show, but Ms Fulton's inspired me to start sewing again. Crafty Crafty followers watch this space!

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