victoria beckham tote bag on sale jan 2011.jpgThe first release of Victoria Beckham's debut handbag collection was snapped up with 24 hours, now another style from the designer's popular line is dropping online today! (Psst, thanks InStyle for the heads up!)

Beckham's large black tote (right) goes on sale from this morning on Net-A-Porter. While the midnight blue crocodile bag with gold hexagonal chain strap is still available. With Fashion Week fast on the approach, my advice is walk don't run - a.k.a. get buying pronto! Shop the range here.

Click on to hear what Beckham's co-designer, Kate Hillier has to say about her...

Kate Hillier, who has co-created the luxe bag line, has shed some light on Beckham's involvement in the process.

"SHE designs the bags," she tells Telegraph. "At the start of the season, Victoria gives me a huge folder full of all the stuff she's seen that she likes, and we work through it together. Often I'll come back with an idea and she'll say no - she's particularly picky about fabrics, which is unusual. Lots of people I've worked with are like, 'It looks good - great!', but Victoria will lick her finger and wipe it on the cloth and be like 'Uh-oh, I can see what's going to happen to that in the rain!'."

The former Spice Girl has been spotted everywhere lately with her own bag designs. "She wear-tests all the bags when they're in development, taking them everywhere she goes. All the bags are designed to fit into her life and that's why they just work," added Hillier.