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We all know that Geri Halliwell loves a bikini, and why shouldn't she? At 38, she still looks fab in one. Now she is following in her fellow Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham's footsteps, by launching a beachwear line for Next. The Geri by Next beachwear range features an array of bikinis, swimwear, playsuits and maxidresses for the beach. The frilly, feminine collection has been co-designed by Halliwell with cuts to "flatter the figure."

'I always find it hard to find a bikini that fits me, because I have quite big breasts. There's intelligence in the structure - there's an architect involved in making your boobs look good, does that make sense? And the prices are reasonable, too: £38 for a bikini,' says Halliwell.

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'I always loved fashion but I've never been a slave to it. I've always collected swatches of fabric I like, so I was able to show them exactly what I wanted. Even in the Spice Girls, I would always have input into the costumes. That dress I wore for the Brits was my idea: someone sent me a black Gucci dress so I sewed on a Union Jack tea towel to liven it up a bit.'

So why the wait to create a collection? 'The funny thing is, I was a shop assistant in Next, a Saturday girl. The collaboration just feels right,' she adds.

Shop Geri by Next beachwear collection here.

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