Following months of "will he? won't he?" rumours, Gareth Pugh has finally spoken publicly about what it was like to be referred to as Alexander McQueen's potential successor.

"There have been so many rumours. How many jobs can one person do? To be honest with you, I thought that the McQueen thing was a little in bad taste with the circumstances surrounding that. Other than the inappropriateness of it, it is vaguely flattering but obviously the inappropriateness did rather take over," he told Vogue UK from Florence, where he is presenting at Pitti.

Pugh has also been linked to Thierry Mugler, when whispers circulated that he would take over as creative director. The role eventually went to Nicola Formichetti, but Pugh says he wouldn't completely rule out an offer to head up a fashion house.

"I would never say never. I have never been asked so I wouldn't know whether I would say yes or no. If I did do it, it would certainly have to be the right thing. I'm not holding out for that. It would obviously change the way I work and the way I live and I'm quite happy with what I do at the moment so it would have to be a very good offer."