Our usual gym outfit consists of some grey tracksuit bottoms and the nearest plain vest. Pretty dull, right? So our inner workout-aholic is jumping for joy at the news that the King of luxe sportswear is back on the high street.

Once again Ashish has teamed up with Topshop, this time to release a range of printed t-shirts and sweaters that are a real feast for the eyes.

Let everyone know exactly which unhealthy treat you're burning off as you wear a top emblazoned with a sugary doughnut, an English breakfast, an ice cream sundae, or a hot dog. Hardly going to help curb those cravings, huh?

And when it came to inspiration for the new collection, Ashish said "the inspiration was very easy - I love junk food! I was thinking of what I would like to wear to the gym, and I thought junk food on t-shirts and sweatshirts would be perfect! Perhaps not very motivational, but definitely very amusing."

The collection is in stores this January, with prices ranging from £40 for the t-shirts and £60 for the sweaters.