queen fur hat christmas day 2010.jpgThe Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall have found themselves in hot water after they attended Christmas Day festivities wearing fur hats. Animal rights protesters have slated the Russian-style hats made from different types of foxes.

'This strikes me as an ostentatious display of cruelty. To parade fur in 2010 says something unpleasant about the person ­wearing it,' said Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid.

Despite this a spokesperson for the Queen could not confirm whether her hat and coat trimmed sleeves were real fur or not. Camilla, on the other hand, wore a Cossak-style hat created from vintage fur by Philip Treacy. It was also used by a piece of fur which previously belonged to her mother. This has brought up another debate on the use of recycled furs. 'It doesn't matter when the animal was killed, it's a body part and a product of cruelty,' says Tyler.