kate middleton wedding designer bruce oldfield.jpg

Whispers are abound that Kate Middleton has chosen the designer who will make her wedding dress. Bruce Oldfield, who dressed Princess Diana, is tipped to create the royal wedding gown, at least according to the bookmakers. "We saw this pattern of royal wagers with the venue and the date and they both proved correct," said a spokesman for Irish bookies, Paddy Power.

"Although we didn't expect a betting plunge on the dress designer to happen quite so soon, when the stakes changed from fivers and tenners to hundreds of pounds, it appears as though the cat is out of the bag."

Oldfield has so far declined to confirm, while a spokesperson at Clarence House did say that "no decision has been made." When the engagement was announced last month, Oldfield told WWD: "If I was lucky enough to be asked, I'd be delighted. I'm already dressing her peers."