prince william kate middleton temperley london.jpgYes, I'll admit it - I, like many of you I'm sure, seem to be absorbing any little tidbit on the future nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton like a sponge. It's just so darn exciting! Maybe it's because of Middleton's style leadership at the moment - note the Temperley London dress she wore on a recent trip out (right). Here are a few never-before released details on next year's royal wedding as dug up by The Huffington Post's royal journalist Yvonne York.

The Dress: While just who has been assigned the mega task of designing Kate's wedding gown has yet to be revealed, new indications point to a young 'little-known' designer. Also, for security reasons Kate's dress is already being made inside the palace. For William, he will be wearing his Royal Air Force uniform, as will Prince Harry who will also be in military uniform.

The Dress Code: For all those lucky enough to attend the ceremony, which starts at 11am, the dress code will be morning dress or lounge (business) suit for men. For the women, they will be asked to wear a smart day dress with a hat.

The Receptions: There will reportedly be several wedding breakfasts, with the main one for family and close friends of the couple which will be hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. That evening there is set to be a reception at the Ritz, orgaised by Lady Elizabeth Anson, the Queen's cousin.

As for where the newlyweds will live after the wedding. Plans are set for North Wales so William can continue his work at the RAF. Palace insiders have also confirmed that Kate has even started to learn Welsh in order for her to one day become the Princess of Wales.