2010 American Music Awards - Kelly Osbourne.jpgConquering America just doesn't seem to be enough for Kelly Osbourne, she now wants her own clothing line. And it appears the newly-svelte star is about to get her wish granted.

According to Osbourne, she is on the verge of signing a deal for her own fashion line. "I've had an offer from an amazing clothing line that I would be so over the moon to work with them," she told E! Online. "I can't say which one just yet, but it's looking really good."

While she is remaining tight-lipped on who the brand is that wants to collaborate with her, she did add that whatever it is her line will be affordable. "It's important to me not to make clothes which I call 'untouchable' clothing," she said. "I don't want it to be clothes that only rich people could buy."