kate moss vintage muse fragrance launch.jpgIt seems when not busy modelling or working on her various projects, Kate Moss is happily dispensing advice to her celebrity pals, namely Cheryl Cole.

"When I met Cheryl at the X Factor live show she said to me, 'How do you cope?'" she told Stylist magazine. "She said 'How do you cope when you're under pressure?' And I'm like, 'Have a drink!' And she's like, 'Oh no, I can't. I'm all a-quiver'."

Moss also revealed that she still has an indirect link to her first-ever boyfriend. "My first boyfriend... I was 14, he was my first love, and it lasted two years. We went to a club and he wasn't supposed to be there and I was with this other guy. There was a big fight and he got thrown out by the bouncers because he went mental at me. Then he got mugged on the way home. I don't speak to him now, but my mum still sees his mum."