karllagerfeld_headshouldershot.jpgI love this story! According to WWD, Karl Lagerfeld has donned his actor's cap after the camera lens turned on him last week to shoot a new Volkswagen commercial.

The very funny 30-second clips were filmed in Berlin for Volkswagen's special edition models, but the plots are being kept under wraps. However, the company's marketing director for Germany, Matthias Becker, did reveal that the designer plays himself, photographing cars and musing aloud. Apparently Lagerfeld "took to acting like paparazzi to Paris Hilton".

"It's a mix between coolness and iconic style, like Karl himself," he said.

The ads, directed by Johan Renck (who has also helmed music videos for Madonna and Robbie Williams), along with a print campaign will be unveiled on 22nd December. Can't wait!