gisele bundchen animation.jpg

Gisele Bundchen isn't just a supermodel or a mum, she is also a cartoon. In between her usual daytime duties, Bundchen has been working on a a new animated web series called Gisele and the Green Team, to highlight green issues. It's a way to educate kids and adults on the importance of saving the planet, which she admits is in part to her stepson Jack.

'After spending so much time with Jack I saw how he wanted to play with the stuff I was using instead of the toys we bought him. In terms of clothes, I bought Jack so many clothes and I am now using them for Benjamin,' she said. 'I wanted my character's name to be GG since that is what my stepson calls me, but we wound up naming her Gisele and she kind of looks like me and encompasses the idea of me. It was funny to see myself in the form of a cartoon.'