We blogged this week about Alexa Chung's new US TV show, Thrift America, now here is a little of what we can expect from her forthcoming show. Produced and co-hosted by Maya Singer of Style.com, Chung has been filmed for the website on a tour throughout Williamsburg, USA to discover all it has to offer in the way of second hand shopping.

Click on to read the latest update from Chung's Madewell line...

In other Chung news, her Madewell collection is about to unveil a brand never-before-seen piece from today.

The bat printed tunic (priced at $58) is one of Chung's favourite items: "I'm so happy that the tunic is now available," she tells PEOPLE. "I loved the bat tee but was always rather fond of the longer version. Wear with tights and a grandad cardigan this winter or wear it to bed so you can look ace even as you sleep."

It will be available from today at Madwell.com.