newmoon_lapremiere_robpattinson.jpgReports are swirling this morning that Robert Pattinson has rejected a £1million offer to be the next face of Burberry. While it probably seems like madness to most of us, it's probably pittance to the actor who is still reeling in the success from the Twilight empire.

According to the Mirror, Pattinson gave a straight "no" response when approached directly by Christopher Bailey. "Christopher and the Burberry team were desperate to sign Robert as the main person in their new campaign," a source told the paper. "They went to ­Robert but he ­immediately, politely, turned them down. As far as Robert sees things he's an actor by trade and that's his art. He doesn't want to start becoming a brand or anything."

No doubt the man has the right look for Burbs, so tell us is he crazy or cool for turning down such a deal? Comment away below.