kate moss vintage muse fragrance launch.jpgKate Moss made a rare appearance on Friday to launch her latest fragrance, Vintage Muse. Looking fresh-faced and glow-y, the supermodel drew a sizable crowd to the Boots store on Oxford Street. Dressed in all black (including a Chanel jacket), Kate signed bottles of her new perfume which is described as "a floral musk; the notes include plum, rhubarb, blackcurrant cream, peony, violet, tiger orchid, white musk, ambergris and chocolate."

Meanwhile, an article published in T Magazine over the weekend reveals that Kate has been busy working on an art project for the past year and a half. Collaborating with James Danziger, of Danziger Projects, she has been curating a portfolio of 11 images of herself taken by 11 of her favourite photographers. Worth a hefty $75,000, images have been contributed by Chuck Close, Juergen Teller and Annie Leibovitz.

Moss also took the time to chat to T Mag about why she thinks she has become such an icon. "I guess I'm adaptable. I don't know, I kind of go with whatever they want. I don't see myself as one thing. You know, I turn up at work and they can kind of do what they want with me, really [laughs]. It's not like there is one look that I specifically do - I've done a lot of different things," she says.

As for why she chooses to stay silent, rarely choosing to do interviews, she says: "I just hate it. When I used to do interviews a long time ago, I used to get very ill just worrying about them before they came out. I just didn't like it. When I first started out I did press because I wasn't really aware that they would write something really horrible but then they did, and I was like: "Oh no, I don't want to go back there. I don't really want to open up myself to that kind of criticism." And I think that a lot of the time you walk in a room they already know what they want to write about you, so it doesn't matter what you're like. But sometimes I will do it if I like the person or the project."