mcq mcqueen prefall 2010.jpg

With the unveiling of McQ's pre-fall collection, the revamped contemporary line is now under full control of the McQueen company. Today, the line is being moved forward with plans to expand into accessories and bigger markets in the US. Based around the late Lee Alexander McQueen's signature McQ styles including low-slung trousers, men's tailoring, structuring and punk influences, the pre-fall collection uses natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk and leather.

"We always felt there was scope to create a brand that was more accessible - and a little more edgy. We've got a strong ambition for it," said Jonathan Akeroyd, president and chief executive officer at McQueen.

A complete A/W 2011 collection is due to be unveiled in February, with a new marketing approach also set to incorporate a film, blog and e-commerce website.