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For many of us, the thought of having somewhere magical to escape to whenever we want is nothing but a distant dream. But for Stella McCartney, it's real life. Despite being one of the busiest designers in London (she just launched her children's line this week) as well as a mother-to-almost-four, she still finds time to visit her country estate and ride her horses. Set in Wiltshire, McCartney admits that the idea of a country home was mainly "a desperate mission to find land so that I could ride my horse. I wasn't really interested in building."

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What her and her husband ended up with was a big renovation job that is still a work in progress. "Every morning I go, Oh, my God, is it going to last another ten years?" she says. In fact, friends including Gwyneth Paltrow, Valentino and Tom Ford helped them create their own personal Garden of Eden by giving trees to be planted instead of traditional wedding gifts.

Now McCartney has opened her grand hideaway to American Vogue, allowing Bruce Weber to photograph her and family in their natural surroundings. See more from the gorgeous photo-shoot here.