lauren conrad teen vogue shoot nov 10.jpgI will always have a bit of a soft spot for Lauren Conrad. Even though the majority of what we saw of her on The Hills was scripted, she still came across as one of the more relatable, down-to-earth members of the cast. Lucky for her she got out of the series before it became the Kristin Cavallari-ratings-trainwreck it did!

Despite her previous reality show experiences, LC is about to go back to the TV screen, this time for a new docu-reality show for MTV. But, according to the starlet-turned-designer, this show will be the opposite of The Hills/Laguna Beach.

"One of the inspirations for this show is The September Issue. It's going to be filmed more like a documentary," she tells Teen Vogue. "The Hills was shot with three or four cameras; things like entrances and exits were re-shot; and if there were sound issues, we were asked to repeat what we just said. This show is going to have a smaller crew, and they'll just be following us around. It's going to have a rougher feel, but I think the end result is going to be more true."

It will also feature a lot less of her personal life (so no scenes with her boyfriend Kyle Howard) and a lot more of her professional life. This includes the development of yet another new fashion line, named Paper Crown, in addition to her other projects. Paper Crown is a collaboration with her friend and roommate Maura McManus, and will take on a new form of her short-lived Lauren Conrad collection.

"The focus will be on really great fits, fabrics, and details. It won't be overly trendy - nothing that's trying too hard," she explains. "I'm very excited about it, but I'm also a little nervous. I'm doing it all on my own this time."

It will also be priced higher than her Kohl's collection, which she plans to soon add accessories and shoes to: "the sunglasses are giant, and the shoes all have heels." Check out a video of Lauren's shoot with Teen Vogue below.