sarah burton profile pic.jpgWith the debut of first womenswear collection for Alexander McQueen just two weeks away, Sarah Burton has given her first interview since being named creative director.

Speaking of what we can expect from the collection, she revealed: "I don't think [the collection] has to have as much angst in it. I think it will become softer."

"There will always be this McQueen spirit and essence. But, of course, I'm a woman so maybe more from a woman's point of view," she continued. "There's always got to be some darkness, because otherwise you don't appreciate what's light. I've had a training in darkness, but I don't feel that it's necessarily a personal thing to me. I'm a bit lighter."

As for whether there will be the usual McQueen show spectacular, Burton added: "That was very much Lee's territory - the spectacular show. In that way, I can't try and pretend to be Lee."

For the legacy she now carries on, Burton said: "He was such a lovely man, and his mind never switched off... He was so important to me. You just wanted to make him happy, look after him. Although I felt that I protected him, now I feel that he protected me."

Burton will unveil her S/S '11 in Paris for October 5th.

[Source: WWD]