We've got a few more New York Fashion Week reviews coming to you from the American team as the London girls traipse around London Fashion Week, starting with Jeremy Scott. To be honest with you, I kind of think of Jeremy Scott as America's answer to Henry Holland (whose LFW House of Holland show you can read about here). If you weren't aware of the designer, he probably showed up on your radar if you watched Kell on Earth, the American reality series following fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone.

Scott's shows are always a bit wacky, and it was funny to watch Kelly's PR girls try to market his collection as wearable at market appointments on the program. He's a little too artsy for most of the main stream, as you can see in the photo gallery of his Spring 2011 show, below. His bride in a straight jacket provided some witty social commentary while pieces like cropped tops and bikini tops paired with skirts were more on-trend for the season than you might expect. A few dresses, like body-con black numbers with splashy gold details, are sure to show up on a starlet or two. But just in case you start to feel too cozy with Jeremy, he still printed some choice words across a model's chest to let you know what he thinks of you. It is unsurprising, then, that a picture of Kelly Osbourne and Kanye West - both known for their choice words on occasion - closes out the gallery.


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