Reviving the Seventies in all its shiny satin, bell bottom-wearing, zany print glory is Marc Jacobs. In front of a packed house and a global audience (thanks to a live stream) according to Jacobs' Spring/Summer '11 collection, disco is back. There was a lot going on, but all very exciting in a very retro, Studio 54 kind of a way. Using a huge palette of colours and textures, Jacobs' models circled the giant catwalk like grown-up versions of Jodie Foster in Martin Scorsese's 1976 film, Taxi Driver. The collection featured frizzy fluffed hair, oversized turned up hats, wide-legged trousers, peasant tops, Missoni-style knits, sweeping floor-length chiffon dresses, and so many corsages Carrie Bradshaw would have a field day. Particular mention should be made of his structured coats and dresses wrapped in leather cumberbund belts in a variety of colours.

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