Mary Katrantzou SS11.jpg

Mary Katrantzou wowed with her Spring/Summer 2011 collection shown at a deserted Waterloo Station platform this Sunday morning.

I have to comment on the venue first of all, a brilliant choice and perfectly executed, left stripped down and as is, it really felt at one point like we were waiting for a train to come hurtling down the runway. Instead, a stream of models came and enchanted all with digitalised ornate graphics on structured shoulders flowing gradually into ethereal skirts.
The gentle twinkling of other world style music added to the surreal atmosphere. Colours were kept to fairly pale hues, (which we've seen lots of this week), with accents of darker colours in prints, whilst textures remained interesting with embellishments, mirrors and mesh.

The collection moved onto more structured shaping with lampshade style skirts complete with fringed beading. The chandelier style statement necklaces are a must see too. Make-up was minimal with eye shadow bright and hair kept simple, slicked back in half pulled through ponytails.
Mary Katrantzou really earned her 10 gold stars this season perfectly achieving her surrealist vision.

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