Mark Fast has always bought something special to London Fashion week and yesterday, at the BFC showspace this season was no different. The celebs certainly agree, we spotted Marina and the Diamonds front row, sporting luscious dark crimson lips, whilst Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts appeared to be running a little late and was rushed in at the last minute as the music started. There was a clear Mark Fast fan club at the show. We spotted five or six girls eagerly queuing and shamelessly sporting his signature knot tied - side cut out tights.

Anyway, less of the audience and back to the show. One thing we do love about Mark Fast is his evident acceptance of all shapes and sizes; yesterday we saw him confidently send size 12-16 models down the runway alongside all the tinys. The palette of the collection was exotic, think birds of paradise and the Amazon.

Mark's signature, the intricate web of sexy finely knit dresses remained apparent. Yet still it was texture galore with an array of feathers, tassels, perspex panels and spider web style bodycon. Must mention the dazzling Swarovski crystals adding another sparkling dimension.

Some have criticized the collection (yes already, what happened to if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all?) claiming his inspiration was clearly from his own back catalogue. I'm of the thought that, yes, you could tell it was Mark Fast but I don't see this as being to his detriment as you can't help but admire the technical skill that helps him achieve his distinct look.

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