Jean-pierre Braganza's Spring/Summer 2011 show kicked off the schedule at On|Off this season.

His inspiration stemmed from "Mystical bikes and legends of ravens. Heavy Metal whispered softly by fairies". With this forethought, we began to get excited when we sat down for Braganza's Spring Summer show.

First, let's talk venue; a real industrial vibe came from the surroundings, with an abandoned warehouse setting, models had to walk for miles to the end of the runway in a maze-like set up.

Now the juicy bit, the clothes. There was a definite ethereal aesthetic here with pale on pale print, pastel tones, luxurious textures and enchanting draping, models seemed to gleam down the runway in a dream-like fashion rather than strut. In the same breath, the Jean-pierre Braganza woman appears to have a real earthy grunge rock chick vibe portrayed in the clever use of hair, make-up and accessories. Hair was messy and loose with feathers tied to ends, whilst make up involved extreme metallic brights on cheeks and eyes whilst a nude lip seemed to be the order of the day. The look was completed with heavy duty accessories with chains and embellished cuffs; a fallen rock angel began to emerge.

In essence, a thoroughly enjoyable show with a refreshing vision.

Also, Jean-pierre Braganza has given his support for sustainable and environmentally friendly transport in London by designing a limited edition print which will be featured on a select number of the mayor's Barclays Cycle Hire Bikes, you can see a sneak preview of the bikes below.


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