john galliano grafitti elle.jpgJohn Galliano has teamed up with British ELLE to spread some very stylish graffiti across London.

Appearing at ten secret locations, the magazine has offered clues to help you find the scrawl. The prize? A unique priceless piece of artwork created by Galliano himself, as well as a subscription to ELLE.

Furthermore, if you can figure out the clues then mosey on down to one of the ten locations and tweet a pic of yourself, you will also be in the draw to win one of five ELLE subscriptions. Simply tag #elle25thbirthday to your tweet.

And now for the clues, click on...

Location clues:

1. Contemporary art locale and address of ELLE's exclusive 25th birthday party

2. The hottest street in London to head for a curry

3. The home of London Fashion Week and a place to get your skates on in winter

4. Where Napoleon did surrender (and catch a train to Portsmouth)

5. London's riverside cultural mecca

6. Dedicated followers of fashion still flock to this birthplace of 1960s chic

7. A street performer-packed piazza in the heart of theatre land

8. Escape the pandemonium of Oxford Street in this quiet boutique-filled oasis

9. Where Jimmy Choo and Harold Tillman cut their teeth

10. ELLE lives here

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