Felder Felder and Hannah Marshall.jpg

We were slightly confused when we discovered Felder Felder's and Hannah Marshall's Spring/Summer 2011 collections had been allocated the same show-space in the same time slot. On further thought, we decided this is the most sensible thing we've seen since arriving at London Fashion Week, saving London's fashion army the pain staking task of traipsing halfway across town in T minus 2 minutes to fit in both shows. Design insight and common sense, is there an end to these girls' talents?

Any fashionista with an inner rock chick would fall over themselves to get their hands on a piece of Felder Felder's Spring/Summer 2011 collection shown at London Fashion Week this week. The Central St Martins trained German twins wowed the audience with colours, textures and shapes. Cobalt Blue and Fuchsia Pink stormed down the runway in skater skirt shapes teamed with cropped bra tops and loose I-couldn't-care-less blazers. Leather graced skin tight trousers and dresses whilst feathers stuck to jackets, skirts and shoulders.
Hair was messy, full and back combed adding to the modern, sexy and free spirited cool feel. Keep up the good work Felder Felder, we likey.

Hannah Marshall was somewhat more low key with a bold yet understated collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Paired back and minimalist, we saw luxurious sheer fabrics in simple shapes; long sheer maxis matched with loose oversized blazers, sheer blouses teamed with a tailored high waisted trouser and some origami pleat detail structured dresses. Colours were kept to a grey, black and white palette. Control, privacy and technology were Hannah's inspiration, there is evidence of all three throughout the collection. Although there were rumours going round that it was panic stations the night before the show, Marshall's evidently hard working team can relax now, it's all paid off in the end.

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