Christopher Kane.jpg

Christopher Kane is always a favourite of mine and the Spring Summer 2011 show at London Fashion Week did not disappoint. His influential collections from past seasons lead to a buzz of expectation and hype and deservedly so.

So yesterday afternoon, somewhere around 3pm, the fashion army, including US Vogue editor Anna Wintour and model Amber le Bon took a fifteen minute car ride to an urban middle-of-nowhere location in East London. First things first, the color palette, as usual was the main talking point of Christopher Kane's collection. Colours were an explosion of fluorescent bolds and brights. Layering colour on top of more colour Kane created a vivid neon acid toned catwalk collection. (Yes, sunglasses were needed.)

Shapes were ladylike and simple. V necks and pleated skirts were mixed with textured fabrics such as leather, vinyl and lace. An aristocrat gone bad was clearly the theme. Prints were creative and modern and juxtaposed with traditional embroidery. The march-like beat accompanying the models helped to add an air of attitude that was complemented by understated hair and make-up with a barely done, why should I bother look. Congrats Christoper Kane, you've done it again.

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