Burberry retail.jpgAigua Media's US Correspondent Andrea Kiliany Thatcher is reporting on New York Fashion Week news and events.

Notice that we said "customer," not just "consumer." Yes, Burberry's newest fashion week innovation is for the paying customer, not necessarily the clamoring masses. Nonetheless, it's a step in the right direction of bringing fashion shows to the people and closing the gap between fashion week and the shopping season.

During Burberry's S/S 2011 show on Sept. 21 in London, the presentation will be broadcast live to 25 flagship stores worldwide where invited guests can take in the catwalk. It reminds us a bit of how you can go see concerts and sporting events at the movie theater now. There's still a sense of being invited to the big event, exclusivity remains in tact, while giving access to 25 times the people around the globe.

"Customers at the exclusive in-store digital events will experience the clothes, the music, the energy and the atmosphere in real time," Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey said.

Customers can then immediately browse and buy the collection on in-store iPads passed out after the show. A special Burberry app is being designed just for the occasion. Purchases made that day will be sent to customers in 7 weeks, light years ahead of the usual retail cycle.