Oops! Making headlines overnight for all the wrong reasons was the live finale of Australia's Next Top Model cycle six. At the crucial moment when host, model Sarah Murdoch, was to announce the winner, a blunder occurred when she read out the wrong name.

After announcing Kelsey Martinovich, 19, as the winner, Murdoch became mortified once it was revealed to her via her earpiece that, in fact, 18-year-old Amanda Ware was the real winner. Appearing distraught by the revelation, Murdoch scrambled as she attempted to apologise for the error, claiming it to be a mistake. The blunder has led some to wonder whether it was all just a publicity stunt, a speculation denied by ATNM judges. Despite, the mishap both contestants have been commended for their graciousness. Martinovich also didn't walk away empty-handed, she pocked $25,000 and a trip to New York. Watch the awkward clip above.