I have to admit I had high hopes for the Ashish Spring/Summer 2011 show and was I disappointed? Not in the slightest.

Cowboys and Indians were this season's theme (or to quote the girl next to me; 'Village People on acid'). Models playing dress-up in sequined gingham shirts, fringed trousers and cow print jackets made up one side, while other models were dressed in feathered hats and leopard print sequin dresses. All that were missing were hobby horses, bows and arrows and a sheriff and we'd have had a complete set.

The cowboy boots, both ankle and knee length, deserve a special mention. Each pair were individually embellished or painted with famous American brands including the McDonald's golden arches and a bottle of Coca Cola, or Western symbols such as a cactus or cowboy hat.

To be honest, there's not really much more to say, the clothes speak for themselves so take a look at the gallery below and let me what you think.

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