Thumbnail image for metcostumegala2009_blakelively.jpgCould Gossip Girl be about to lose one of its leading ladies? Whispers are circulating that Blake Lively is considering exiting the show to concentrate on a career in film.

"Execs aren't convinced they'll let her go but ideas have been thrown around. Suicide is one, though it's likely to be an accident," a source told Marie Claire UK. "It was great at the beginning, but she's started to get bored of her storylines and all the petty fights on set. Nearly all the cast members have had some kind of bust-up. Besides the fact that she gets to work with her boyfriend, Blake wants to leave.'"

I don't know about you, but I can't quite imagine GG without rebellious Serena van der Woodsen, but perhaps her time is up. What are your thoughts?