laurenconrad_sheerdress.jpgWith several fashion projects on the go, plus a burgeoning writing career, one would think that time is something Lauren Conrad has little of. Apparently not. The former reality TV star has just announced she will launch another new clothing line.

Since pausing production of her mainline collection last year, LC has been busy working on a line for Kohl's. Her new line seems to be a collaborative effort involving several of her friends.

"It's a contemporary women's line," she revealed to PEOPLE. "Where Kohl's is a lot of daywear, it's a lot of basics. This will be more specialty basics, more of a boutique line. It will be at a higher price point. It will be very different."

While no other details were revealed, LC did say that they're in the early stages of planning. "It's one thing to work with a huge retailer like Kohl's and there is so much you get to do, but there is a little more of a thrill of doing it on your own," she added. "It's a lot more work, it's a lot more stressful, but it's something I love doing so I'm really looking forward to it."