selfridges_hangingdress.jpgSelfridges has landed itself in hot water after allowing an insensitive window display to go ahead in its Manchester store. The display, which consisted of a black Alexander McQueen dress hanging from beneath an oversized desk lamp prompted many to complain about its inappropriateness.

McQueen passed away in February after committing suicide by hanging in his London apartment.

The store issued the following statement in response:

"Presenting a fashion item from the new Alexander McQueen collection hanging was never intended to be linked to the designer's untimely death or how he died," it said. "Nearly all the new season items from our new window scheme, The Desirables, showcased in both our London and Manchester stores, are hung artistically on their own to present them as even more extraordinary. However, we do acknowledge that, in retrospect, presenting the dress in our Manchester Exchange Square store in this way was a mistake, and would like to apologise if this particular window has upset anyone. The dress has been removed and replaced by another designer's garment."

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