How is this for a spot of lucky fashion PR? Covering all bases right across the globe are the folks at Miu Miu, who have scored the magazine trifecta by having one of the dresses splashed across three high profile glossies. The appliqué dress from the label's A/W '10 collection first appeared on the sultry bod of Eva Mendes for W magazine, a lilac version was then worn by Lily Allen for the August issue of British Elle, before it graced the August cover of Vogue UK sported by model Freja Beha Erichsen.

Just how this odd hat-trick occurred isn't yet clear, but we're sure the editors can't be too pleased. Elle's Lorraine Candy said: "It's unusual because most of the time the fashion press offices make sure you don't get sent the same things as someone else. It's in the interest of the fashion house to make sure we all get something exclusive. This is just luck. You have to take these things in your stride... obviously I'd rather it wasn't on a major rival."